BTX is Officially a Humly Certified Partner

We at BTX Technologies are thrilled to officially become a Humly Certified Partner. This collaboration enhances our product portfolio with Humly's innovative solutions designed to optimize the modern workspace.

Humly stands out in the industry with its unique blend of technology and simplicity. Their flagship products include the Humly Room Display and Humly Desk Booking. The Humly Room Display provides real-time booking information, integrates seamlessly with existing calendar systems, and features a user-friendly interface. The Humly Desk Booking system enables efficient hot-desking, allowing employees to book desks effortlessly via a centralized platform. Both solutions are cloud-based, ensuring easy updates and scalability, and feature robust APIs for integration with third-party systems.

Humly's commitment to sustainability and security is demonstrated through its ISO certifications. They hold ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ensuring their products meet rigorous quality standards and continuous improvement processes. ISO 14001 for Environmental Management highlights their dedication to minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices. Lastly, ISO 27001 for Information Security Management underscores their focus on protecting customer data and maintaining stringent security protocols.

We look forward to bringing these cutting-edge solutions to our customers and helping them create efficient and secure workspaces.



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