Brainstorming, education, collaboration... Whiteboards have been the go-to spot for breaking down the complex and building up ideas. They are a crucial tool for creation in workplaces, schools, and other collaborative environments. Capturing these ideas in remote and hybrid workplaces is essential in today's new work environment. Huddly, using their AI camera technology and design genius, have unveiled a way to help whiteboarding evolve with the digital era. Enter Huddly Canvas.


Canvas Capabilities

Canvas (1)

Canvas is an AI camera that makes it easy to use whiteboards in video meetings. Now you can create ideas and solve problems together, even when you’re all in different places. Using AI in the camera, Canvas enhances the whiteboard image in real-time. It removes gloss and shadows, boosts marker colors, and hides people from the image. Now, remote participants can see what’s on the board without eye strain, and focus on collaboration instead of legibility.

Canvas is certified as a Microsoft content camera, and it is recognized as a whiteboard camera in Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. When you’re in a video call, you can quickly share an enhanced whiteboard stream by clicking the content camera button. 


Why Whiteboard at Work

With so many offices going remote or hybrid, there has been a dash to buy technology that will keep production high. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other UC platforms grew increasingly popular and companies needed to adapt. Everyone has been using whiteboards, so why not bridge this familiar style of tactile communication into the virtual? Whiteboarding is one of the most effective ways to communicate ideas, and leveraging its benefits in a hybrid or remote environment is a cost-effective way to maintain some spontaneity and collaboration in modern meetings..


Hands on with Huddly Canvas

BTX teamed up with Huddly for an exclusive webinar showcasing Canvas and all it can bring to your team. Watch below:

How it works

Canvas can be installed above any whiteboard up to 2 x 1.2 m/6′ x 4′. An integrated Ethernet extender makes it easy to install the Canvas camera and connect it to the meeting room device through USB. Canvas is suitable for any size room.


Bring Whiteboarding to Webex with Canvas

U-CAM Cisco Canvas huddley application


Thanks to the innovative minds at INOGENI you can now use Huddly Canvas in a Webex environment as well. The INOGENI U-CAM captures uncompressed USB 3.0/2.0 video (up to 4K) and audio, then converts it to HDMI with embedded audio, allowing for the full suite of Canvas features to be implemented into existing Webex spaces.



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