Being back on the road has come with its share of victories, challenges, and stories you simply can't make up.  I was at a popular breakfast quick serve chain recently who must have been having trouble with people messing with the receipt feeder on their credit card machine, so they turned it around to face the cashier instead of the customer.  The only problem was, they forgot they had attached their "Big Five" service cheat sheet to it, so now that was facing me instead of them.  Let's play a game of "Customer Service Yahtzee!"

1. Use proper greeting and smile:  FAIL

I could almost accept that "What can I get you?" isn't such a bad greeting, but there wasn't a smile accompanying it.  In fairness, smiling at every customer in a setting like that is a big ask.  Somewhere between saccharine and surly would have been fine.  This was way closer to surly.  I was a little scared, actually.

2.  Upsell every order:  FAIL

In fact, just getting what I asked for started to seem like I was upselling them!  I asked for a dozen donuts - pretty standard stuff.  They looked at me like I asked for an oil change.  I was then informed that they couldn't give me that many even though I could see at least 60 donuts from where I was standing.  I want to pause for a moment here to point out that this is not the first time this has happened to me!  I always tell my customers that negotiations with me are swift and productive.  This negotiation was no exception, and with minimal enthusiasm but a generous helping of grumbling and shuffling, they began to fill my order.

3.  Ask to do the survey please:  FAIL

OK, that's fair.  Under the circumstances I wouldn't encourage anyone to rate my performance either.  Let's leave this undocumented.

4.  Give the customer receipt:  WIN!!!!!

Not only did they give me my receipt (the way you might hand someone a live eel), but they spelled "receipt" correctly on the cheat sheet!  I have a feeling they are rallying for a big finish here . . . . 

5.  Confirm order and cups are marked:  FAIL

I didn't order anything in a cup, but when my box was full, they chucked it on the counter with another box and left it up to me and another customer to figure out which box was which.  Maybe it wouldn't have mattered to the other guy, but I ALWAYS order with no powdered sugar so my customers don't end up looking like Leon Russell while we're trying to chat.  So it mattered to me.

Huddly S1 Ushers in Amazing New A.I. Features

Huddly S1

By now you have probably seen or used or installed the Huddly IQ or the Huddly L1 intelligent conference cams.  These Norwegian designed and manufactured products are regarded as the industry's finest.  They have consistently stayed ahead of the curve with innovative new A.I. features and certified performance with popular conference software.  We are pleased to announce the new S1 cam!


S1 is most comfortable in rooms of around 10 people and under 20ft depth.  The huge 120 degree FOV means everyone gets in the shot.  The ability to chop and segment those faces on the screen means you will get speaker and reaction shots effortlessly and without moving parts or user intervention!  Far superior to an unpredictable audio-tracking PTZ swooshing around and making the viewer seasick as it tries to keep up with the conversation using one frame.  Like the Huddly L1, S1 is a network-capable camera that uses PoE for power, but still comes with a USB base for simple integration into conference platforms.

Huddly is always way out ahead ... I'd like to be there too!



My New Toggle Demo Video


I have been working with the Inogeni Toggle here at home for a couple weeks in my own AV system and just couldn't resist sharing my experience with the world.  Please take a look and consider Toggle for applications outside the conference room!  At BTX we see unorthodox deployments all the time.  I think that makes us a great resource to help you solve problems and find unique solutions.  Try us!

Managing USB devices is a daily challenge - I'm interested!


I've been providing network-driven technologies to the rental/production/touring market for years, but it has mostly been the audio and lighting folks who embraced it.  The video guys have always been the holdout.  Sometimes they were worried about latency, sometimes data interruptions, sometimes it was purely a physical layer concern related to the cables and connectivity.  But it always boiled down to reliability.  Now, I can honestly say the solution that addresses all these concerns has arrived!

ZeeVee is both a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance and the industry leader in rock solid AVoIP products.  XR is no exception.  You get all the awesome features like uncompressed 4K, sub-frame latency, 1G network service port, and easy setup, but in a fully roadworthy package that features event and touring industry-standard connectors, an M10 mounting position, and fanless performance.


XR Fiber encoders and decoders have OpticalCON Duo SM/MM 10G media fiber onboard with a 1G network port, USB, XLR, HDMI and PowerCON (TOP)

XR Copper encoders and decoders have 10G media copper onboard with a 1G network port, USB, XLR, HDMI and PowerCON. (BOTTOM)


I have been waiting for this product for YEARS.  Contact me if you have been waiting for a viable network video solution for show sites too.

I am finally ready to move my video over network ... show me!



Global Connect Modular Command Chassis

When I used to take guitar lessons as a teenager, sometimes I would get sloppy and try to go too fast before I was ready.  My guitar teacher would always say "CONTROL!!"  At the time Janet Jackson had a hit on the radio by the same name.  So eventually he took to scrawling "Remember Janet!" on my lesson book on passages where I was playing too loose and needed to gain more control.


Global Cache has been quietly saving the day for years.  Their clever little control system problem solvers let you send commands anywhere on your network from any source.  They now offer a convenient modular solution called Global Connect for times when you want to configure your own device.  In addition to obvious stuff like IR, RS232, and contact closure, they also offer configs that support Raspberry Pi devices, a miniature HDMI switcher, and optional PoE to the chassis.  A handy guide to what you can and cannot do with this system can be found here.  Check it out and let me know if you need more info.



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