How Huddly is revolutionizing the classroom experience

Huddly’s versatile camera line is giving schools more options and stronger tools as they set up for both in-person and remote learning. Huddly's innovative solutions include a whiteboard content camera, large room camera, small huddle room camera, and personal webcam. Huddly is allowing teachers and students to return back to school with confidence.

Smart Video for Large Classrooms

Huddly L1 is a collaboration camera that delivers smart user experiences in large and medium rooms. Designed to make remote learning inclusive and productive for the whole class, it provides instant, responsive framing and Full-HD video of everyone in the room. 

Huddly L1 uses AI to automatically frame participants. It does this smoothly and responsively, without distracting moving parts. The camera is also able to retain an overview of the entire room, even while zoomed in, allowing it to capture data such as classroom usage, occupancy, and people count.

Bring virtual students & teachers together

Huddly IQ provides the ultimate, immersive virtual classroom experience. Combining a compact, 150° ultra-wide-angle view camera and groundbreaking AI capabilities, Huddly IQ takes students and teachers beyond the traditional classroom. Easy to use, Huddly IQ is USB- powered and compatible with any platform.

- Delivers HD ultra-wide-angle video
- Frames and detects students and teachers automatically
- Features high-quality audio
- USB-powered
- Compatible with any platform

The camera is able to retain an overview of the entire room, even while zoomed in, allowing it to capture data such as meeting room usage, occupancy, and people count. 

L1 vs IQ, which camera fits your classroom?

Confused about which AI camera is right for your classroom. In medium to large classroom settings, L1 is the perfect solution to ensure that everyone is seen and heard. Huddly L1 captures everyone in sharp quality, even if participants are at varying distances from the lens. This makes it easier for remote participants to see everyone’s face clearly and to pick up on non-verbal cues.

When you are looking to outfit a smaller room, the IQ is your go-to camera. Designed for huddle rooms and other smaller workspaces, Huddly IQ features HD 150° ultra-wide-angle video and, optionally, a 5-element microphone array. Genius Framing detects and frames the people in its field of view. The IQ can be mounted on the wall, laptop, or desktop making it a versatile solution for any small-sized classroom.

Let's get technical

Huddly L1's wide-angle glass optics give users a horizontal field of view of 92˚, a vertical field of view of 65˚, and a diagonal field of view of 103˚. L1 offers digital PTZ along with image enhancement, real-time dewarping and portrait lighting.

L1 Image 
- 6K image sensor
- 20.30 Megapixels 1” CMOS Sensor
- 1080p Full HD @ 30 fps
- 720p HD @ 30fps
- Up to 5x digital zoom
- 16:9 aspect ratio output
- 180° image auto-flip

Huddly IQ Ultra-wide angle glass optics give users a horizontal field of view of 120˚, a vertical field of view of 90˚, and a diagonal field of view of 150˚. The IQ's long list of features includes high-quality scaling and dewarping, automatic white balance and color correction, and 4x digital zoom

IQ Image
- 4K image sensor
- 12 Megapixels, 1/2.3" CMOS
- 1080p Full HD @ 30 fps
- 720p HD @ 30 fps
- 16:9 aspect ratio output
- UVC 1.1 plug-and-play compatible


Ensure everyone can see the board

Don't forget about Huddly Canvas, a user-friendly whiteboard AI camera that stimulates active learning in virtual environments. Share ideas, engage students and spark active conversation – even when you're apart. Huddly Canvas fits perfectly within flexible learning spaces. Easy to use, Huddly Canvas is USB- powered and compatible with any platform.

- Automatically detects and zooms in on whiteboard

- Enhances text visibility
- Boosts marker colors
- Removes shadows and gloss
- Integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms


Learn how Huddly fits into your upcoming remote learning project here.

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