The Antidote to Meeting Fatigue

If you haven’t been keeping up with Huddly, the Norway-based technology company has been busy pushing its AI-infused cameras' capabilities forward.

This year, Huddly released Speaker Framing on their L1 camera. Speaker Framing leverages L1’s directional microphones and Huddly’s AI to intelligently frame the speaker in a real-time meeting space filled with multiple participants. Moreover, it can cut away to other participants for reaction shots at a rhythm that mimics the experience of looking around the room while someone speaks. What allows Huddly to pull off this technology so elegantly is the use of two simultaneous camera streams: One on the speaker and the other remaining wide in the room. This allows the camera to remain aware of everyone’s room location and zoom out immediately if a new participant enters.

This fall, Huddly released Gallery View, a new feature that some IQ camera owners might not realize is available on all Huddly IQ cameras via software release. In an effort to counteract proximity bias in meeting spaces, Gallery View uses a split-view layout to frame each participant around their face and upper body, zooming in or out as needed to present both participants in the same room in equal size. This can be an extremely effective way to counteract the subconscious bias to favor whoever is sitting closer to the camera while giving equal visibility into the body language and facial expressions of both participants the IQ is framing. Gallery View is currently only available on IQ and only works when 2 participants are in the room. When additional participants enter the room, the camera reverts back to a single wide angle of view.

Their latest reveal – the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience - involves real-time speaker framing across multiple cameras in a single room. Utilizing Huddly’s constantly improving AI, this new feature is set to deliver unprecedented inclusion of all in-room participants on a conference call. With the ability to instantly and optimally frame the current speaker and capture reactions around the room, the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience promises to be a drastic level up from the single-vantage-point camera experience the hybrid world has had little other choices but to normalize so far. To kick off this new innovation in tech, Huddly will be releasing the first short film (presumably taking place within a conference room) directed by AI! Look for more in early 2023.

With constant improvements to their software, and a growing lineup of hardware optimized for specific room sizes and use cases, nobody is working harder on the antidote to meeting fatigue than Huddly.



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