NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet Switches 

The M4250 and M4300 are each important lines of managed Gigabit Ethernet switches from NETGEAR. When selecting the right switch for your project, it’s best first to determine which line is right for you:

Port Configuration: The M4250 series offers models with 24 and 48 ports, while the M4300 series offers models with 24, 48, and 96 ports.

PoE Support: The M4300 series includes PoE (Power over Ethernet) models, which allows the switch to power connected devices like IP phones, cameras, and access points. The M4250 series does not have PoE models.

Stacking Capability: The M4300 series offers stacking capability, which allows multiple switches to be combined into a single logical switch with increased bandwidth and redundancy. The M4250 series does not support stacking.

Software Features: The M4300 series includes a more advanced software feature set than the M4250 series. For example, the M4300 series supports advanced routing protocols like OSPF and BGP, while the M4250 series does not.

Price: Due to the additional features offered by the M4300 series, it is generally more expensive than the M4250 series.


With the M4250’s limited features and lower cost, this series is ideal for the following:

  1. Basic network connectivity: The M4250 series switches are ideal for businesses that need to connect desktops, printers, servers, and other basic network devices.
  2. Cost savings: If cost is a significant factor, the M4250 series is a more affordable option than the M4300 series.
  3. Smaller network environment: If the network environment is small and doesn't require advanced features like PoE or stacking, the M4250 series is a good fit.


Conversely, the M4300 series would be better suited for the following scenarios:

  1. High-performance networking: The M4300 series switches offer more advanced features like stacking, which allows businesses to increase bandwidth and improve network redundancy.
  2. PoE support: If your business requires the ability to power connected devices like IP phones, cameras, and access points, the M4300 series with PoE support is a better choice.
  3. Advanced network features: If your business requires advanced routing protocols like OSPF and BGP, the M4300 series is the better choice, as it offers a more advanced feature set.


When searching for the right switch, first consider the size of your network, the amount of network traffic, the number of subnets and VLANs required, whether you require PoE, and your budget.

Consulting with a network engineer or IT professional can also be helpful. Keep in mind that Netgear offers design services through their Netgear Business Services team to help businesses plan, design, and implement their network infrastructure.



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