In today's day and age, cell phones are a necessity, not a luxury. These tiny devices we keep in our pockets hold our life; friends, work, social media, payment methods, tickets and the list can go on and on. Yet, nothing is more frustrating than having no cell service. Trying to read that important work email, and it won't open. Trying to make that phone call, and you have no bars. It is stressful not to have access to your phone when you need it most. Wilson Pro recognized this issue and has been the industry leader in cell signal amplification since 1987. Their ability to innovate the wireless communications industry has bought better cell signals to businesses, homes, cars, and even marine vehicles. To do this, they work closely with the FCC, forward-thinking engineers, and inspired designers.


Today, even the strongest signals have trouble finding their way through concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass, and metal used to construct modern energy-efficient high-rises, offices, and other large buildings. WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters detect any available signal outside the building, then bring it inside and amplify it for more reliable coverage wherever and whenever anyone in the building needs it. 


Commercial Installations: 5G Speeds Inside. Instantly

Wilson Pro has the top cellular signal boosters for commercial buildings on the market. Don't let bad cell signal slow your growth. Get help finding the right solution, an accurate quote, and expert advice throughout the process.


The WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R Signal Booster with Multi-Tower Targeting (MTT), Cloud Monitoring and Extended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology is the best amplifier for boosting cell signal in a large building where you're able to centralize the location of the booster, and need the equivalent of 4 individual amplifiers to cover a very large area. While it can be used as a standalone system, the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 is designed to be used with a network of internal antennas to provide excellent coverage to very large areas, and with multiple 4300 amplifiers, can cover buildings in size of up to 500k sq ft and larger.

The coverage area that a signal booster will provide is directly dependent on the strength of the existing outside cell signal for each of the carriers. The stronger the outside signal, the larger the coverage area that the booster will provide. The weaker the outside signal, the smaller the inside coverage area will be.

You should also keep in mind that there are many other factors that contribute to the overall coverage area, including the construction of internal walls, the height of ceilings, the shape of the building, and more.

If you have an existing strong 5-bar outside signal, you may receive up to 100,000 sq ft of boosted signal inside the building (requires multiple internal antennas).

• If you have an existing 3 to 4-bar outside signal, you may receive up to 37,500 sq ft of boosted signal inside the building.

• If you have an existing 1 to 2-bar outside signal, you may receive up to 10,000 sq ft of boosted signal inside the building

• If you have no existing outside signal, then a signal booster likely will unfortunately not work in your situation.


Enjoy Better Signal Coverage at Home with weBoost

Stop dropped calls, increase internet speeds, enjoy reliable cell signals, and improve streaming capability with weBoost! No matter what size your home is, weBoost has a signal booster that will cover it with a better cell signal, so you won’t have to worry about any more missed calls, slow data speeds or dead zones.

weBoost Home - How

The weBoost Installed Home Complete is the best home cell signal amplifier on the market! Leave dropped calls and slow data speeds behind, and look forward to always being connected. Price includes weBoost's professional installation customized to your home. The weBoost Home Complete will boost all of the networks from the major cell carriers simultaneously, so you'll get clear calls, reliable text messages and fast data speeds throughout your house.


On the Road?

Wilson Pro and weBoost cell phone signal boosters for cars, trucks, RVs, boats and individual phones enable you to stay connected while on the road or water. Eliminate dropped calls & slow data speeds once and for all. Drive Reach Flex Fleet combines weBoost's most powerful, 5G-compatible booster with flexible installation options. Improve cell coverage on the road and at the worksite without permanently altering the vehicle. The Drive Reach Flex boosts every network, including 5G, for improved hotspot capability, better voice quality, and faster updates.


Works on every network, on any carrier



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