Our new friend Erika is an audio conference system that fits in the palm of your hand!

AIO (all-In-one) design, includes mic & wireless transmitter & battery. Uses simple magnetic attachment (like a name-tag) to your shirt or blouse. Features an all-day-wearable weight of 1/2 oz (14 grams). Require no body-pack or under-the-shirt wires. Simple rotation to mute. Erika is ultra-portable to the max!

Erika is normally worn 6” below your chin, or sits on its design stand for optimal audio quality. Echoes, background and laptop fan noise are minimized. EQ processing improves speech intelligibility while reducing hum & buzz. Audio limiter minimizes overload, while the on-the-shirt location, all but eliminates pops.

Remote Work, Hybrid Meetings need Erika

Erika enhances meetings by taking everybody in a room and making it so that only the speaker shows on your camera feed. The speaker takes up more of the screen so everyone can focus on the person talking. While doing this it also takes the camera off of anyone not speaking so they can take notes, and do other tasks while not distracting anyone from the meeting. At the same time users can also turn their individual mic off so that they can chime in without stealing the focus of the camera feed. Erika also gives users the ability to upload their name and titles through the app. Want to control the whole meeting? Just turn on solo mode and all other users will be muted.

Content Creation Made Easy

Most people who create content for YouTube use their smart-phone to record the audio and video. The smart-phone cameras are high-quality and the video is great. Unfortunately the microphone on the smart-phones doesn’t produce such great audio. In part this is because the microphone is so far away from the audio source.

An Erika Wireless Microphone Is The Answer!

The light-weight receiver plugs into your smart-phone using a USB cable. The sound quality is excellent even when the smart-phone/camera is several feet away .




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