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  1. When Worlds Collide

    That's a fact of life in the commerical AV world.  Everyone wants a system, but no one wants to see it or acknowledge it.  Speakers in my church?  Heck yeah!  Just don't interfere with the Byzantine frescos.  Switcher/scaler in my conference space?  You betcha!

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  2. Kramer VIA Webinar Follow-up

    If we got together this past year, there is a good chance I made a strong argument for the Kramer Via collaboration system. We believe it’s the only truly universal solution out there. 

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  3. 3 Lessons Learned from the Office About Booking Meetings

    People love The Office because it is so relatable. The events in the show may have been extreme examples, but it did a great job of capturing the day to day life of a person working in an office setting.

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  4. With, or Without.

    Naples, Italy is considered the official home of the modern pizza. In fact, ancient pizza ovens can still be seen today just up the road in the ruins at Pompeii – the word “pizza” dates back to AD 997.

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