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  1. Everyone's a Critic . . . If You're Lucky!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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  2. Huddly L1 vs S1

    While the S1 might look similar to last year's L1 at the glance, Huddly's claim that S1 is perfect for huddle, small and medium rooms while L1 is designed for larger rooms, is backed up by a few important spec differences.


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  3. THE BIG 50!

    The Big Southeastern Update - Issue #50. "Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!"

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  4. Smart Video for Large Rooms

    Want a deeper dive into the revolutionary AI camera designed for large room? 

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  5. Atlona Room Kits: Complete AV Systems for Meeting Spaces

    Meeting spaces typically include AV technology that allows participants to present content to a display or collaborate via video conferencing. Making these systems work requires integration of video, audio, USB, control, display, and networking components from several different manufacturers. Engineering, configuration, testing, and procuring these systems, as well as
    dependably repeating them can be difficult and time consuming.  Atlona Room Kits solve these issues by providing bundled, fast-to-install AV systems for some of the most common spaces where AV is used including huddle, conference, and training rooms.

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