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BTX Fiber Lab

BTX has been involved in selling fiber products for over 25 years. With the continued reduction in cost differential between fiber and copper products, the increased ease of fiber termination and the inherent advantages of fiber, the dynamic growth of fiber in Broadcast and A/V has just begun.

With this in mind, BTX invested heavily in our new, dedicated fiber lab based in our metro-NY corporate headquarters. The lab features highly trained technicians and the industry's most advanced termination and test equipment. We offer custom Neutrik opticalCONĀ® assemblies, tactical fiber cables, distribution cables and much more. We've also combined our fiber knowledge with our in-house metalworking capabilities to create a wide variety of fiber breakout boxes and panels.

Along with these custom products, we offer thousands of fiber connectors, cable, signal processing devices, tools and consumables. And there are many new products to come. So, if you already use fiber extensively in your projects, or if you're just thinking about it, let us help. Our experienced support staff can answer your questions and provide sensible solutions to keep you ahead of your competition.

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