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Network & Control

BTX offers networking & control solutions including access
points, control interfaces, Ethernet switches, extenders,
KVM switches, software, and touch panel controllers.
Solutions from Luxul, Kramer, Netgear, Tripp Lite, Global
Cache, Cisco, Gefen, Intelix, and Just Add Software.


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  1. Netgear ProSafe Gig.Stack.SmartSwitch, 46
    Netgear ProSafe Gig.Stack.SmartSwitc ...
    Mfr. #: GS752TPSB-100NAS
    $1,003.50 /EA
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  2. Netgear ProSafe+ Switch 8P Ether.Switch
    Netgear ProSafe+ Switch 8P Ether.Swi ...
    Mfr. #: GS108PE-300NAS
    $99.99 /EA
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  3. Netgear ProSafe Desktop Switch
    Netgear ProSafe Desktop Switch
    Mfr. #: GS108-400NAS
    $54.99 /EA
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  4. Netgear ProSafe Desktop Switch - NGR-GS105NA
    Netgear ProSafe Desktop Switch - NGR ...
    Mfr. #: GS105NA
    $45.99 /EA
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  5. NETGEAR AV Line M4250-16XF
    NETGEAR AV Line M4250-16XF
    Mfr. #: XSM4216F-100NAS
    $1,199.99 /EA
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  6. Netgear M4300-48XF Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-48XF Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4348FS-100NES
    $4,249.99 /EA
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  7. Netgear M4300-48X Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-48X Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4348CS-100NES
    $6,209.99 /EA
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  8. Netgear M4300-12X12F Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-12X12F Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4324S-100NES
    $2,959.99 /EA
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  9. Netgear M4300-24XF Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-24XF Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4324FS-100NES
    $2,399.99 /EA
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  10. Netgear M4300-24X24F Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-24X24F Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4348S-100NES
    $5,599.99 /EA
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  11. NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2F
    NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2F
    Mfr. #: GSM4212P-100NAS
    $609.99 /EA
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  12. NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE+
    NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE+
    Mfr. #: GSM4212PX-100NAS
    $979.99 /EA
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  13. NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE++
    NETGEAR AV Line M4250-10G2XF-PoE++
    Mfr. #: GSM4212UX-100NAS
    $1,199.99 /EA
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  14. NETGEAR AV Line M4250-12M2XF
    NETGEAR AV Line M4250-12M2XF
    Mfr. #: MSM4214X-100NAS
    $979.99 /EA
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  15. Netgear M4300-28G Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-28G Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: GSM4328S-100NES
    $1,279.99 /EA
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  16. Netgear M4300-24X Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-24X Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4324CS-100NES
    $3,269.99 /EA
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  17. Netgear M4300 96G Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300 96G Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4396K1-100NES
    $9,039.99 /EA
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  18. Netgear M4500-48XF8C MANAGED SWITCH
    Netgear M4500-48XF8C MANAGED SWITCH
    Mfr. #: XSM4556-100NAS
    $15,869.99 /EA
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  19. Netgear M4300-96X NO PORT CARD / NO PSU
    Netgear M4300-96X NO PORT CARD / NO ...
    Mfr. #: XSM4396K0-10000S
    $5,299.99 /EA
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  20. Netgear M4300-8X8F Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-8X8F Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: XSM4316S-100NES
    $2,159.99 /EA
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  21. Netgear M4300-16X POE+ APS299W
    Netgear M4300-16X POE+ APS299W
    Mfr. #: XSM4316PA-100NES
    $2,399.99 /EA
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  22. Netgear M4300-52G Managed Switch
    Netgear M4300-52G Managed Switch
    Mfr. #: GSM4352S-100NES
    $1,839.99 /EA
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  23. Netgear M4300-52G-POE+ MANAGED SW APS100
    Netgear M4300-52G-POE+ MANAGED SW AP ...
    Mfr. #: GSM4352PB-100NES
    $2,959.99 /EA
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  24. Netgear 52PT GE POE+ Smart Switch
    Netgear 52PT GE POE+ Smart Switch
    Mfr. #: GS752TPP-100NAS
    $1,099.99 /EA
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