I have no idea how this happened and how it happened to sync up with the holidays and the end of another whirlwind year, but you are reading my 50th newsletter!  So much has changed since I started doing this.  I just hope that over the years you have found these useful to your business, your ongoing education, or even your sanity.  I have enjoyed writing them.  Even in a shrinking world I get precious few opportunities to interact with you in person, so I appreciate you opening, reading, clicking, and maybe even contacting me about something you saw in here.

I'm keeping it brief since I know we are all incredibly busy.  Remember back when we got a couple weeks of downtime in December?  Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? 

Whatever holiday you celebrate, however you choose to celebrate it, whoever you choose to celebrate it with, and for those who don't plan to celebrate at all and instead take advantage of some much needed rest and relaxation, the BTX family wishes yours a safe and happy season and a terrific new year! Visit BTX.com.


Dante and Bluetooth Gear In Stock and Shipping NOW!

If you only look at RDL as a problem-solver line, you are missing out!  Always focused on rock-solid build quality and performance, RDL has released some exciting new products why wait forever for other companies to get their Dante and Bluetooth stuff back in stock?  RDL has it right now.  Some examples:  

Analog and Dante Bluetooth Transmitter

PoE Powered 2-gang solution for stereo RCA, Stereo 3.5mm, local output, and Bluetooth receiver sent out over Dante.

Networked Volume Controller

PoE powered volume controller for Dante system. 15 segment meter and mute button with configurable buttons.

Networked Multifunction Controller

Need more control?  These add a full color display with selectable themes, up to 8 source selection, Dante routings, and gain and level control.

Plenum Rated Dante Amplifiers

Available up to 50 watts, these Dante amps are plenum rated, operate in optical 70V mode, and delivery legendary RDL sound and reliability.

Do you have a Dante project slipping away due to expensive, impossible-to-get products?  It's time to check out RDL with a fresh eye.  You may never go back! I never really dug into the RDL products, but the time is now!


4K60 at 4:4:4 12-bit Over a CAT5E 1G Network?? Don't Mind if I Do!

Hot off the presses!! Coming soon . . . the Just Add Power MaxColor transmitter and receiver. Able to deliver tru 4K60 4:4:4 12-bit HDMI over a 1G network using cat5e cable. WOW! Total game-changer. More info as soon as I get it! Notice that this also has the IR connection native, so you don't have to convert RS232. PoE and stereo audio output onboard too!

This is pretty amazing. Show me!


AOC is A-OK.

Can you guys tell when I am phoning it in?  That was definitely my lamest heading ever.  Anyway, you probably already know that BTX has a full line of active optical cables that can reach out to 320ft max.  We offer DisplayPort, HDMI with permanent ends, HDMI with removable ends, we even offer this armored fiber juggernaut with lanyard caps:

But, did you know that these cables are HDMI 2.1 and capable of delivering 8K video at 60hz?  Did you know we offered armored DisplayPort 1.4 cables now?  These aren't just a workaround anymore . . .  they can totally replace extension products and crazy chains of SDI and Decimators on show sites.  Try one! Let's check out all the AOC options at BTX!



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