Muxlab and Dante:
Streamlined Audio Solutions.

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The search for high-performance yet easy-to-deploy audio distribution systems is perpetual in the Pro-AV and IT landscapes. MuxLab has been setting its sights on this north star for years and offers an array of Dante-enabled products that pack substantial technical prowess behind undeniable audio performance.

What Sets Dante Apart?

Dante is the de facto standard for digital audio networking. It replaces traditional analog and digital audio systems with a powerful, flexible, and scalable IP-based system that can transmit high-quality audio over Ethernet networks with low latency and perfect synchronization.

MuxLab's Dante-Enabled Products:


MuxLab's Dante interfaces, like the two-way audio transmission panels for Bluetooth and Dante (500554 & 500555), allow seamless integration by converting the received audio signal into a digital signal for transmission over the Dante network. This preserves the integrity of high-fidelity audio while embracing the flexibility of digital systems.


Dante-enabled amplifiers from MuxLab offer robust power and scalability to drive audio systems with precision and clarity. They are essential in setups ranging from intimate meeting rooms to sprawling event spaces.


MuxLab's range includes Dante-enabled speakers that deliver impeccable audio quality and are designed for many environments. These speakers are engineered to work harmoniously within Dante ecosystems, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

Digital Signal Processors (DSP):

With a focus on audio integrity, MuxLab's DSP products incorporate Dante technology to offer unmatched audio shaping and processing capabilities, essential for creating the perfect acoustic environment.

Decoders & Encoders:

MuxLab's Dante-enabled decoders and encoders, such as the Dante 2-Channel Decoder (500552) and Encoder (500551), epitomize cutting-edge technology for easy integration of analog audio equipment with Dante networks and Dante digital signals with analog audio equipment.

PoE Gateways & Transmitters:

MuxLab’s Dante-enabled PoE solutions, including gateways and transmitters, streamline power and audio distribution, reducing installation complexity and enhancing overall system efficiency and reliability.

Presentation Switchers:

For the diverse needs of modern presentations, MuxLab offers Dante-enabled presentation switchers that integrate audio and video sources flawlessly, ensuring a seamless transition between different media types in real time.

Technical Advantages of MuxLab’s Dante-Enabled Product Line

  • Low-Latency Audio Streaming: MuxLab's Dante products support low-latency streaming, ensuring synchronization and real-time audio playback, vital for live performances and broadcasts.

  • High-Resolution Audio: Products support high-resolution audio up to 96kHz/24-bit, maintaining the clarity and depth of sound throughout the transmission process.

  • Scalability: Dante's network-centric nature means MuxLab's products can easily be scaled up, accommodating everything from small setups to extensive venue-wide systems without complex rewiring.

  • Versatility: MuxLab’s Dante products are crafted to integrate with existing AV equipment effortlessly, facilitating a transition to Dante-enabled systems without extensive hardware modifications.

  • Simplified Configuration: The integration of Dante Controller software simplifies the setup and management of networked audio, allowing for easy configuration of device parameters and signal routing.


MuxLab’s Dante-enabled products offer advanced solutions tailored to the challenges of today’s Pro AV and Pro IT environments. By harnessing the power of Dante networking technology, MuxLab ensures that professionals can access the most sophisticated, reliable, and user-friendly audio distribution systems.

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