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  1. ZeeVee's ZyPerUHD60: Transforming Video Distribution

    ZeeVee's UHD60 series is a game-changer in video distribution, offering dual HDMI and USB-C inputs for seamless switching between sources. It also features Dante audio integration for synchronization in education and healthcare and QSC compatibility for premium audio experiences in hospitality. With advanced video processing and control options, the UHD60 series sets new benchmarks in the market, making it a top choice for various industries seeking innovative video distribution solutions.

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  2. Why Now is the Perfect Time to Level Up with Huddly IQ

    Huddly, a leader in virtual meeting technology, offers the Huddly IQ camera, featuring machine learning, wide-angle lens, and continuous software updates, providing a superior video conferencing experience, currently available at a 40% discount through BTX.

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  3. NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet Switches

    Netgear's M4250 and M4300 product lines are advanced managed switch solutions designed for high-performance networking applications, with the M4300 line offering more advanced features and greater scalability.

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  4. The Antidote to Meeting Fatigue

    If you haven’t been keeping up with Huddly, the Norway-based technology company has been quite busy pushing the capabilities of its AI-infused cameras forward.

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  5. On the Road, in the Office, at Home

    Enjoy better signal coverage with Wilson Pro and weBoost. Wilson Pro offers the most power cellular coverage solution. From small to large buildings, cars, boats, and homes, boost your cell signal for all devices.

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